The Originator of xenon bi-pin, xenon festoon, xenon rigid-loop, and xenon wedge base lamps

Company Info

THHC Lighting, founded in 1986, has been very successful in the Xenon, Miniature, and Sub miniature lamp industry over the last ten years. Through our commitment to excellence, THHC has earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and superb customer service in this specialized industry.

As the end result of extensive research and development, innovative design engineering, and a proven quality assurance system (SPC), THHC Lighting is able to incorporates cutting edge manufacturing technologies and the most advanced production process available today.

All THHC products are manufactured in accordance to industry standards. Specialized production in various countries around the globe provides THHC the flexibility to match individual design requirements. Whether the application requires an uncompromisingly high level of precision, extensive hand assembly, or automated high volume production, the combination of plant capacity and capability allows THHC to provide superior quality at the most favorable price.

If you are interested in Xenon, miniature, or sub miniature lighting products, feel free to contact us. We assure you that every effort will be made to to ensure that you are satisfied with our product, price, and service.

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